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In August 2018, Irdeto announced the Anti-Cheat technology would soon launch as a full end-to-end solution. The following year, on 20 March 2019, a launch announcement was made about the new product. According to the announcement, Denuvo Anti-Cheat combines machine learning of game agnostic process metrics with the latest hardware security features[3] offered by Intel and AMD to detect and prevent cheating. The protection supposedly operates on the binary, not the source code, and integrates directly into the product build process, and also does not interfere with debuggers, instrumentation tools, or profilers, nor does it require additional APIs or SDKs to implement. Since it uses hardware-backed security, the protection goes beyond that which is offered by simple Windows kernel-mode drivers.

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On May 14, 2020 the anti-cheat product launched alongside the first update of Doom Eternal to protect its 'battlemode' multiplayer mode,[4] and was met with a negative community response[5][6][7] when it was discovered to rely on an kernel-level driver and introduced incompatibility with Proton, a compatibility tool used to allow Windows-based games to be played on Linux. Following the negative response, Denuvo responded to enquiries made by TechRaptor to explain that while they do not believe in kernel-level anti-cheat, the use of a kernel-level driver is necessary for the product to take advantage of modern hardware-backed security. On the subject of Proton, Denuvo replied to be tracking the issue immediately after launch as well as being committed to delivering a fix soon.[8]

The company also described how their approach differed from other anti-cheat technologies in that they take what they describe to be a "read only" approach where the anti-cheat protection does not actively block any cheats or applications but only detects and reports. This detection as well as data collection was further stated to not be performed at all outside of competitive multiplayer matches. Users were stated to be free to cheat, mod, and hook their games, but if done maliciously in a competitive multiplayer match they would be banned from online services.[8]

Then go to control panel, devices manager and go to "HID" Or "human ... sth" find the entry for your gamepad (could be 'USB gaming device' ... ) and right click properties, you go to Details, select Hardware ID, and get your "VID" and "POD" codes. Those codes need to be entered inside Xboxce.ini (Under "PAD1" youll find those variables). Save the file. DONE.


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