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This was too much for any eleven-year-oldto stand. Freddy was notvery well. Brother Timothy had beendosing him for a week or more, andthese long hot summer days made hislegs feel queer and his head dizzy. It9was rather hard sometimes to keep upwith Dan, who was making the mostof his holiday, as he did of everythingthat came in his way. Freddy wasfollowing him loyally, in spite of thecreeps and chills that betrayed malaria.But now his brown eyes flashedfire.

The speaker broke off, stammering;for a second visitor had suddenly appearedat his bedside: Father Reganwho had entered the infirmary unheardand unseen, and who now stoodwith his eyes fixed in grave displeasureon the daring Dan.31

The sun was close to its setting;supper was over, he knew; and JimNorris was waiting impatiently for hispromised game. But he could not thinkof tennis just now; still less was hedisposed for a meeting with Dud Fielding,whose voice he could hear beyondthe box hedge at his right. So, turningaway from tennis court and playground,Dan plunged into the quietshelter of the walk that skirted thehigh, ivy-grown wall, and was already65growing dim with evening shadows,though lances of sunlight glinting hereand there through the arching pinesbroke the gloom.

Dan took his seat on a broken slabthat had been a gravestone before the69old college cemetery had been condemnedand removed beyond the limitsof the growing city. It was a very oldslab, bearing the Latin title of someBrother or Father who had died fiftyyears ago. The sunset fell through agap in the pines that showed the westernsky, with its open gates, theirpillars of cloud and fire all aglow.

The black waiters grinned as theyoung travellers proceeded to top offwith apple pie and ice-cream, combinedin such generous proportions thatBrother Bart warned them that the sinof gluttony would be on their souls ifthey ate another mouthful.

All were unmindful of the dark, fierydepths below, where fierce powers wereworking so obediently to bear them ontheir happy, sunlit way, that was wideningeach moment now. The smilingshores, dotted with farms and villages,were stretching away into hazy distance;there was a new swell in thewaves as they felt the heart-beat of thesea. It was all new and wonderful toDan; and he stood leaning on the deckrail of a secluded corner made by aprojecting cabin, watching the sunsetglory pale over the swift vanishingshore, when he was suddenly startledby a deep voice near him that questioned:

Then the great gong sounded againto announce supper; and both boysbounded away to find the rest of theircrowd, leaving the big stranger stillseated in the gathering darkness,looking out to sea. As the boyish footstepsdied into silence, he bowed hishead upon his hands, and his breastheaved with a long, shuddering breath96as if some dull, slumbering pain hadwakened into life again. Then, infierce self-mastery, he rose, stretchedhis tall form to its full height, and,ascending to the upper deck, began topace its dimming length with thestern, swift tread of one whose life isa restless, joyless march through adesert land.

Yet as Dan went on with his simple,honest story, his listener, who, world-wiseand world-weary as he was, knewsomething of the boyish nature thatturns instinctively to what is strongand true and good, felt he could tellwhy Freddy took to this rough diamondof a chum.

And he went, making his way withsome difficulty over the swaying decksand down deep stairs where the footingwas more perilous than the heightsof Old Top; through long stretches ofgorgeous saloons whence all the lifeand gayety had departed; for, despitethe stars, the sea was rough to-night,and old Neptune under a friendly smilewas doing his worst.

Jim and Dud, sturdy fellows thatthey were, had somewhat recoveredtheir equilibrium and were dozing fitfully;but little Freddy was still whiteand wretched; and poor Brother Bart,all the ruddy glow gone from his face,112lay with his hands clasping his Rosary,very sick indeed.

And Dan stumbled out hurriedly tothe deck, to find the boat pushing intothe harbor of a quaint old town, whoseroofs and spires were glittering in thenoonday sunshine. Pretty sailboatswere flitting hither and thither onsunny wings; the white stretch ofbeach was gay with bathers; the fullnotes of an orchestra came from theband stand on the jutting pier.

But Brother Bart might have calledto the dashing waves. This Killykinickwas very different from the desert theyhad expected; and, with shouts of delightfrom Jim, Dud and Dan, even littleFreddy sprang ashore. Shrubs andtrees of strange growth nodded andwaved amid the rocks; here and therein sheltered crannies were beds ofblooming flowers; and in the lee of atowering rock that kept off the furyof storm and wind stood the very queeresthouse the young explorers had everseen.131

For a moment they stumbled in darkness,through which came a thunderoussound like the swell of some mightyorgan under a master hand; and thenthey were out in light and space again,with the ocean cliff of Killykinick archingabove and around them in a greatcave hollowed by the beating waves outof solid rock. Wall and roof were roughand jagged, broken into points andledges; but the floor was smoothed bythe tide into a shining, glittering surface,that widened out to meet the lineof breakers thundering white-foamedbeyond, their sprays scattering in lightshowers far and near.

So when Mass in the pretty littlechurch was over, and Brother Bart,glad to be back under his well-lovedaltar light, lingered at his prayers, theboys, who had learned from CaptainJeb that they had a couple of hours stillon their hands, proceeded to explore thequaint old town, with its steep, narrowstreets, where no traffic policemen wereneeded; for neither street cars norautomobiles were allowed to intrude.

And Dan, whose only safe deposit forboyish treasures was his jacket pocket,pulled out the gift that Freddy hadrefused, and showed it to this new acquaintance,who, holding it off in hishorny hand, blinked at it with practisedeye.

Dan caught the words as he struckout blindly, desperately, almost hopelessly,through depths such as he hadnever braved before. For this was notthe safe land-bound harbor; this was186not the calm lap of the river aroundthe sheltering wharf; this was aworld of waters, seething, surgingroaring around him, peopled withhunting creatures hungry for prey.

And, with Rex leading, they proceededIndian file over the narrow stripof sand that shelved to the sea, and thenon through thicket and branches thathedged the shore in wild, luxuriantgrowth, until suddenly the ruins of theold lighthouse rose out of the tangle beforethem. The shaft that had upheldthe beacon light was all gone save the240iron framework, which rose bare andrusted above the little stone cabin thathad sheltered the keeper of long ago,and that still stood amid crumblingstones and fallen timbers. 041b061a72


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