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Timothy Ferriss The 4 Hour Chef (2012)

The 4-Hour Chef is a practical and unusual guide to mastering both cooking and life, featuring recipes, tips and tricks from chess prodigies, chefs, professional athletes, master sommeliers, supermodels, and everyone in between. It is the latest in Mr. Ferriss' 4-Hour book series, which espouses the power of meta-learning and debunks the "10,000 hour" rule of mastering a skill. With the recent boycott of Amazon published books by US retail chains, including all of Barnes & Noble, The 4-Hour Chef is poised to become the most widely banned book in US history when it hits the market on November 20, 2012.

Timothy Ferriss The 4 Hour Chef (2012)


It will be far easier to explain if you are a lover of suspense/thriller tales, why you must read this book. This is a novel of mystery, romance, and sorrow. The characters are mysterious and amazing. The writing is improbable, and there are no plot holes that could have damaged the integrity of the story. hour chef, Tim Ferriss, and Fenny are the famous character of this novel.


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