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Lego Racers 2

LEGO Racers, start your engines! Rocket Racer is back and he's teamed up with the toughest competitors in the galaxy to bring racers of all ages this awesome challenge. Players must win their races, keep their cars on the road and muster all their adventure racing skills to find and collect the elusive Golden Bricks.

Lego Racers 2

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The four racers from Sandy Bay are Workman Fred, Mike the Postman, Fireman Gavin, and P.C. Bobby. On Dino Island, Mars, and Arctic, there is a set of opponents you race on the four main levels of each world:Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, Mr. Cunningham, Cassiopeia, Mac, Frankie Solido, and Baron Rosso. On Xalax, the racers are Ramas Lightor, Warrior, Duster, Ghost, Freeze, Chill, and Snake. There are also four Bosses, one for each world, excluding Sandy Bay: Lord Sam Sinister (simply called Sam Sanister), Riegel, The Berg, and Rocket Racer.

Except Sandy Bay, there are foyers and have 5 tracks total for each worlds. Four of them are normal races (where you races against 7 other racers) and one of them is a boss race. You can race on these tracks in any order, except the boss race which can only be raced after defeating all 4 normal races in 1st place. Anytime you want to travel back to Sandy Bay and/or want to travel to some place else, you can just go through the Sandy Bay Foyer. You can ask Sparky to save the game anytime you want or explore the world and collect gold bricks or secret vortex (where in Sandy Bay, players explore all the time).

You need 7 gold bricks to travel to Mars. The boss of this race is Riegel, the head Martian. Unlike all of the other racers, he doesn't drive a car but his vehicle is a Giant Mech. Also his Mech has a shield and cannot be hurt by the power-ups nor he cannot pick up and use the power-ups. After you beat Riegel, you are rewarded with Martian shield generator to make your car tougher. Golden bricks can be found in the maze, the waterfall (also a shortcut), and Riegel's tribute.

Advanced use: You can charge the shot by holding down the fire button (note that if you keep charging and don't drop it as follows, it WILL damage your own vehicle). If the fire button is held and then released at a certain time, the bubble will fall behind the car and explode as described above. If a car runs into a dropped bubble, it will suffer more damage than normal. Damage is variable with this power-up, dependent on how deep racers drive into the bubble.

Stealth power-up makes your car invisible to other racers. Also, it prevents the Tracking Missile power-up from hitting you and you will be able to overtake other players unnoticed. It lasts for around eight seconds.

For only twenty bucks you can't really go wrong with Lego Racers 2, a game that never jars you out of the crazy Lego world it establishes upon load up. Even with it's faults, it's an enjoyable, solid game worthy of a look from anyone into cartoon racers, Legos, or just that thing people do when their mouths perk back and their teeth show, I think it's called smiling. A few more tweaks here and there, and a little more in the way of multiplayer and this could have been elevated from pretty darn good, to bleeding damn excellent. I honestly do hope they continue the series.

I GOT IT WORKING YESSSS!!! I followed the instructions, learned how to mount bin or cue files or convert them to iso and it booted up the classic lego brick intro and i heard that sweet menu beat and everything seems to be working great. Thank you guys so much

Following the first game, Rocket Racer issues a new challenge to find the best racer in the galaxy, summoning the greatest racers of all time to Planet Xalax for the Galactic Racing Championship. Players must prove their driving skills to qualify for the ultimate race on planet Xalax.

The Story Game mode is where all the real action of Lego Racers 2 takes place. In this mode, you become a new racer, determined to become Galactic Racing Champion. Along the way, other racers challenge you as your quest to become number 1 continues. The more races you win, the more Golden Blocks you win. Golden Blocks help you move throughout the different levels of the game. You start out with zero Golden Blocks and move up as you win more races.

This is fairly amusing in its own right, although the AI racers don't always put up much of a fight. They seem to have problems getting themselves unstuck after becoming wedged between barriers or vanishing off the track, and even get lost occasionally in some of the maze-like courses. The AI hasn't really mastered the use of the power-ups which are included in the game either, and you can often see drivers firing these off seemingly at random, with chunky nuclear missiles and bouncing bombs whizzing past in all directions.

  • Accordion to Most Sailors: Captain Redbeard's intro theme has an accordion melody, while the Port Town level Imperial Grand Prix music features an accordion in the harmony.

  • Aliens Speaking English: Gypsy Moth, Martians, and Ramas speak perfect English.

  • All There in the Script: The only way you would know the names of Baron Rosso and Frankie Solido is by looking in the game files of LEGO Racers 2.

  • Anachronism Stew: Kings, pirates, adventurers, space racers, and pharaohs all racing together. It's a world of toys, after all.

  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: In the first game, you get to use the entire Cool Car set of the newest champion, assuming that you achieve first place. Dropped in the second; beating champions means extra upgrades for your car.

  • Author Appeal: In at least one interview, a developer expressed the team's liking towards the grapple power-up (red plus one white) above all the rest. Although they didn't make it an integral part of the game, this would explain why there's a cheat to enable only grapple power-ups (all the other power-up cheats simply enable only one brick color).

  • Bragging Rights Reward: What do you get after spending tons of time looking for all the golden bricks scattered throughout the maps in the second game? Fireworks.

  • Breakable Power-Up: Getting hit by a projectile causes a car to drop a collected power-up upgrade.

  • Built with LEGO: The setpieces (often based upon actual LEGO sets) and fully-customizable cars are built with LEGO bricks.

  • Cave Behind the Falls: The Amazon Adventure Alley shortcut is a tunnel located behind the waterfall.

  • Dino Island in the second game has one. One of the golden bricks is in it.

  • Classic Cheat Code: The first game has a whole slew of cheat codes that are solely meant for messing around, such as turning all the power-ups to one type, having them always maxed out, making parts of the cars invisible (such as the wheels, chassis, or driver), and a fast-forward mode. They only work in Single Races and are not activated if you play Time Trial or Circuit Mode. The second game also has a few, though not to the same degree as the first, as the only ones that exist are playing as Martians and a wide-angle view.

  • Composite Character: "Governor Broadside" in the first LEGO Racers is actually combining the name of Governor Broadside (the Imperial Soldiers' leader) and the physical appearance of Admiral Woodhouse (the Imperial Guards' leader).

  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: The second has the same mechanic from Mario Kart in which whenever there's an AI opponent behind you, it starts gaining an enormous amount of speed to catch up. Except that it can be turned off. Then there's Reigel and the Berg mentioned on the YMMV tab.

  • Inverted in the first game, as AI racers won't take any of the shortcuts, even if the player already opened them up... except Veronica Voltage in Time Trial mode, who can and will take shortcuts without first opening them up.

  • Gypsy Moth is just plain-out faster than you note Yes, even if you're using Rocket Racer's car set . You can't keep up with her without turbo powerups, or using other powerups to slow her down. Other bosses may have this, but with them, skilful driving can keep up. Against Gypsy, even that's not enough.

  • Convection, Schmonvection: Adventure Temple Trail features a large lava pit next to the track at the lowest point in the map, complete with minecarts with skeletons inside falling into the lava. Doesn't effect the drivers in the slightest.

  • Take a wild guess what Magma Moon Marathon has. There's even a section with several small lava pits and a fireball that jumps from one pit to another. So long as the racers doesn't touch the fireball, they're safe, and even if they do, it just spins them out of control for a second.

  • Some of the Adventurers Dino Island racetracks in LEGO Racers 2 pass through a volcano, and there's also a river of lava on Mars and Xalax. If you fall in, you are teleported to safety. If you get hit by a fireball, your car might lose a brick, but that's it.

  • Crossover: LEGO Racers features LEGO Pirates, LEGO Castle, LEGO Space, and LEGO Adventurers.

  • LEGO Racers 2 features LEGO Town, LEGO Adventurers, LEGO Life on Mars, LEGO Arctic, and LEGO Racers. One of the bosses is also an Ice Monster from Rock Raiders.

  • Deflector Shields: The blue brick. The third and fourth levels have attack reflector bonuses against any racer who used a cannonball or a missile.

  • Demoted to Extra: Slyboots went from being an opponent racer in LEGO Racers to being an Explore Mode-only NPC in LEGO Racers 2.

  • Driving Game: Of the Mascot Racer variety.

  • Dub Name Change: When set to various languages, the first LEGO Racers gives certain characters different names instead of literal translations, with these being the most notable cases: Captain Redbeard: Kaptajn Rogernote Captain Roger (Danish), Kapitein Knoestnote Captain Knots (Netherlands)

  • Governor Broadside: Governador Flinnnote Governor Flinn (Spanish), Kapitein Bakboordnote Captain Portside (Dutch)

  • Ann Droid: Indradroid (Spanish), Robotina (Dutch)

  • Pharaoh's Mummy: Farao Hoteps Mumienote Pharaoh Hotep's Mummy (Danish)

  • King Kahuka: Rey Uka Shaka Ukanote King Uka Shaka Uka (Spanish), Kong Kanukanote King Kanuka (Danish)

  • Islander: Uhu (Danish)

  • Royal King: Koning Leeuwenhartnote King Lionheart (Dutch)

  • Commander Cold: Capitán Hielonote Captain Ice (Spanish), Capitano Ghiaccionote Captain Ice (Italian), Ijskapiteinnote Ice Captain (Dutch)

  • Achu: Tempelkoningnote Temple King (Dutch)

  • Basil the Batlord: Grev Flagermusnote Count Bat (Danish), Floris de Vleermuisriddernote Floris the Bat Knight (Dutch)

  • Willa the Witch: Heksen Hylianote Hylia the Witch (Danish), Hella de Heksnote Hella the Witch (Dutch)

  • Sam Sinister: Slyboots (Danish), Sluwe Samnote Sly Sam (Dutch)

  • Blackjack Hawkins: Barbanegranote Blackbeard (Spanish), Jack il Falconote Jack the Falcon (Italian)

  • Alpha Dragonis: Dragon Alfanote Dragon Alpha (Italian), Chamon (Danish)

  • Baron von Barron: Barón von Tyssennote Baron von Tyssen (Spanish), Mr. Hates (Danish)

  • Gypsy Moth: Navigator Sharp (Danish)

  • Nova Hunter: Aramis la Cazadoranote Aramis the Huntress (Spanish)

  • Gail Storm: Tormentosanote Stormy (Spanish)

  • Evolving Title Screen: In the first game, the main menu will show the champion of the next circuit pointing at the circuit option, seemingly trying to coax you into challenging them.

  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: It's a racing game based on LEGO.

  • Fake Longevity: The first game completely recycles all of the first three circuits for circuits 4 through 6, only with new bosses, the tracks in reverse order from their counterparts, and with all the courses mirrored.

  • Funetik Aksent: Baron Von Barron's text is spelled with V's instead of W's and Z's instead of S's.

  • Flying Saucer: Three are present on Alien Rally Asteroid. The first will likely drag you violently backwards, costing you significant distance, if you don't use a blue or green brick. The other two are scenery.

  • Hard Mode Filler: In the first game, after beating Circuits 1 through 3, the player has to do it all over again in Circuits 4 through 7. The courses are mirrored and in reverse order, and the circuit bosses (Johnny Thunder, Baron von Barron, Gypsy Moth) are more challenging than their predecessors (Captain Redbeard, King Kahuka, Basil the Bat Lord), but otherwise it's just a slightly harder repeat of earlier levels padding out the game's length before the final Circuit 7.

  • The Generic Guy: Ann Droid, Islander, Willa the Witch and Gail Storm all use carbon copies of Black Knight's racing car, for some reason. Everyone else gets their personal custom car in the first LEGO Racers.

  • Go-Karting with Bowser: Or rather, Go Karting With Basil the Batlord, Willa the Witch, Baron von Barron, Slyboots, and Alpha Dragonis in the first game. Captain Redbeard and Governor Broadside also seem willing to put their differences behind them in Circuit 1.

  • In the sequel, Go Karting With Mr. Cunningham and Sam Sanister.

  • Gratuitous German: Baron von Barron uses the German conjunction "und" instead of "and" in the first game.

  • Homing Projectile: The fully-upgraded red brick Power-Up from the first game and the bloodhound homing missiles from the second game.

  • Humanoid Aliens: Gypsy Moth, Alpha Dragonis, and the Martians.

  • Interface Screw: When the yellow brick is fully charged up, it'll summon a "Mummy's Curse" that will cause this. To be specific, it reverses steering while it's active, while also severely lowering your top speed by pulsing your brakes (if you're stopped while the curse is active, the car will actually go in reverse).

  • Level in Reverse: 3 of the tracks in the game are left-to-right mirrored versions of other tracks.

  • Loads and Loads of Loading: The PS1 version has a ridiculous amount of loading, especially noticeable because the music pauses between every single menu.

  • Luck-Based Mission: Like Mario Kart, the races can sometimes become this. Unlike Mario Kart, however, the Power-Ups in the first game are not randomized, meaning there is some strategy required behind using them, making it not so luck-based as it may seem.

  • Macross Missile Massacre: Level Up the red brick in Racers to the fourth and you get to launch three devastating, high-speed, Roboteching missiles at once.

  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: Well, both games do have multiplayer features, and each one is a Crossover of at least four unrelated LEGO Themes...

  • Missing Secret: The Knightmare-athon and Pirate Skull Pass shortcuts, both of which were Dummied Out.

  • My Rules Are Not Your Rules: Veronica Voltage is immune to track edge friction, letting her cut corners across dirt and sand where anyone else would be slowed if they tried. May or may not be a Subversion, as turbo powerups also let you ignore friction while they're active, and if you watch carefully, this is what she's doing (at least sometimes). However, this doesn't change the fact that some circuit racers are just plain-out faster than you.

  • Nintendo Hard: Good luck in Circuits 3, 6, and 7 of the first game. And it will take far more than just "luck" to beat the time trials.

  • No Name Given: King Richard is only identified as the "Royal King" and Cannonball Cordoba/Don Diego de LEGO/Sergeant Speedy is only called "The Admiral" in LEGO Racers. The Islander and Black Knight are also left unnamed, though to be fair, they had no names in the original lines.

  • Two characters in the second game (Frankie Solido and Baron Rosso) aren't named in the game, as they only show up as racers and never in explore mode as someone you can talk to. The only way you'd be able to know is by hacking into the game files.

  • Palmtree Panic: Imperial Grand Prix, Tribal Island Trail, and Pirate Skull Pass.

  • Pirate: Captain Redbeard and Blackjack Hawkins.

  • Plot Coupon: The golden bricks in the second game.

  • Power-Up: Power bricks show up in both iterations, but work rather differently. Racers has a four-color brick system and implements a fifth color, white, to essentially Level Up the effect of the other four colors.

  • Racers 2 has only one sort of brick which, like Wipeout, randomly decides the power up a racer will gain depending on the position of the racer in the track. Losing racers usually get strong, offensive Area of Effect bricks which devastate other racers' cars if used in close proximity. Winning racers get weak, defensive bricks like invisibility cloaks to avoid missile lock ons and maintain the racers' current positions.

  • Power-Up Letdown: Yellow + one white in the first game is arguably worse than yellow with no white. Yellow with no white lays down an oil slick that causes the player who comes in contact with it to spin out; it stays for a fairly long period of time, so if you're a little ahead, there's still a chance that a player could run into it. A yellow and a white throws a keg of dynamite behind you that creates explosions, sending the victim flying upwards and slowing them down. The problem is that it works more like a backwards projectile rather than a trap, meaning that if there's nobody immediately behind you, it's a complete waste. The 3 explosions are potentially more dangerous, but it's much harder to hit someone with.

  • Purposefully Overpowered: The game's design suggests at least some self-awareness of Warp's status as the best power-up, as it's Rocket Racer's preferred powerup, and his track is set up to allow both of you to spam the heck out of it.

  • Rewarding Vandalism: This tends to open shortcuts and some even have enough white and green bricks to upgrade to warp turbo boost.

  • Rollercoaster Mine: While you can't ride on it yourself, you can see the end of one in Adventure Temple Trail.

  • Rubber-Band A.I.: Interesting in that only the Boss Racers seems to have it in the original.

  • Second Place Is for Losers: Aside from not winning the host's vehicle, reaching the second place podium has your character clearly angered although he or she raised the cup triumphantly at the end.

  • She's a Man in Japan: Nova Hunter's Dub Name Change in Spanish is "Aramis la Cazadora", which translates to "Aramis the Huntress".

  • Shifting Sand Land: Desert Adventure Dragway.

  • Shout-Out: Adventure Temple Trail is a pretty obvious Indiana Jones knockoff, since the golden idol and a lightning-shooting chest a la the Ark of the Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Ark are present.

  • Slippy-Slidey Ice World: Ice Planet Pathway in the first game.